Essentia is a provider of leading edge platforms and solutions for Education,
Online Business Communities and Customer Experience and was formed by experts in Open Source, Rich Internet Applications and Software as a Service.

Essentia is a global company based in San Francisco, California and Chennai, India with oices in Houston, London and Kuala Lumpur.

Community sites powered by Essentia have clocked impressive growth rates and handle hundreds of thousands of users. The core Essentia team has been together since 2000 with well known web collaboration companies where they developed, deployed and managed many of the rst generation community platforms.

Essentia customers include Fortune 500 and emerging companies with long term mulit year engagements.

Essentia delivers leading edge platforms for online business communities (EssentiaESP), Online Education Solutions (EssentiaeKnow).

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EssentiaESP is the leading community platform for Open Source and Enterprise communities. It is the industry’s first community engagement platform specifically designed to efficiently build and manage vibrant ecosystems that drive strong community participation resulting in improved business ROI.
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EssentiaUnify extends the EssentiaESP platform and provides enterprise grade infrastructure to setup, monitor and manage all online businesses in an Enterprise. The result is an ecosystem of websites that can be managed through a common infrastructure leading to a unified consistent user experience across all web sites owned by the company.
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EssentiaeKnow (electronic knowledge now) education solutions address the many challenges to digitization and IT enablement in educational institutions. It introduces revolutionary new capabilities that provide dramatic improvements across academic, administrative, research and placement processes.
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